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Have you ever happened to work with the service supplier and not get the expected outcomes? Or maybe, the supplier was not as transparent as you wanted? Well, today, I will tell you about the agreement that solves the majority of such issues — the Service Level Agreement or SLA.

Service level agreement definition

SLA is an external document (signed between the customer and the supplier) describing the service’s parameters. “Compliance with SLA” is equivalent to the fact that the service corresponds to the parameters and values ​​of the metrics set in the agreement. Although the term first appeared in the IT-sphere, today, such…

Before starting to implement an idea, different people have different definitions of the intended result. In this case, the most common terms are the MVP (minimum viable product), POC (proof-of-concept), and Prototype.

Let’s try to determine when it is most appropriate to use each of the above definitions to avoid misunderstandings.


A minimum viable product is often developed as a first version. This is a prototype that has basic functions and gives an idea of how the final version works. It could be a website or an app — but whatever you do, keep it simple for now.

The term…

If you work in a medium or a big company with a long history, there is a high probability that now you are dealing with some outdated legacy system. Many business owners suppose that it is okay to work with such systems as they still do their job. They believe that it is easier and cheaper to support old software than to build a new one or migrate. But is it? This article will give you a complete overview of the software migration phenomenon: when it is needed, why, and how to do this with less gain.

What is Software Migration?

Some people imagine…

First of all, i would like to thank my colleague Dzmitry Iliushyn for helping with this article.

With the boom of horizontal scalability and microservice architecture, the world observed the “container deployment era”. Containers have been in use for more than ten years. Today at least a quarter of leading IT companies use container solutions in a big production, and this number is likely to grow further.

Many market solutions provide container runtimes and orchestration, such as Docker Swarm, Mesos, and others. However, more than half of the users choose Kubernetes as an infrastructure standard. …

It’s not a secret that in 2020, most customers who used to buy perfumery and cosmetics in offline shops now went online. The big brands and retailers like ColourPop, Glossier, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and many others have been represented on the web for a while now. But what about the medium and smaller ones? How can they compete with these giants in 2020?

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Basic features to note

I have researched the best existing webshops, and today we will share what you should learn from them if you already have your webshop or just planning to develop it.


Website responsiveness is vital for many reasons…

The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of Flutter and React Native. We will compare these two cross-platform technologies to help you choose the best option for your future app development.

According to various estimates, there are already about five billion smartphones in the world. Up to 80% of them use the Android operating system, and less than 20% — iOS. And yet, each country has its characteristics.

For example, in the United States, more than 65% of smartphones run on iOS. When creating mobile applications, it is often required to release versions on both iOS…

Due to the 2020 crisis, many businesses suffered or were closed. However, many survivors caught the wave and went online. Other companies have been presented online for a long time, now looking to improve their services since customers have a much wider choice. If they don’t like something on your platform, they will leave to find better options.

This critically increases the importance of customer service and experience. This article will give you some recommendations on how to improve customer service within your platform.

How to improve communication

Think of the ways how customers can reach out to your customer service team. There are…

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E-commerce is booming now. According to Statista, by 2022, global retail e-commerce sales will reach 6.54 trillion US dollars. And it’s twice more than in 2019.

Many businesses are now moving sales online. So if you decide to “catch the wave” and develop your e-commerce shop, you should know where and how to start and, in particular, how to make it fast and affordable.

How to start an Ecommerce site

The process of developing websites for online shopping is basically similar to the process of creating other websites. However, you can run into common mistakes that could lead to losses and a waste of time.


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Mass migration to the online space has led to the widespread use of portable devices, especially mobile ones. It becomes more difficult to imagine users’ lives without mobile applications and constant information updates.

Ensuring data protection is one of the critical aspects of application development. And it’s about both user data and the data of the application itself. It seems to be a banality. But too much depends on this banality to be neglected.

Application security is important because modern applications are often available on multiple networks and connected to the cloud, making them more vulnerable to threats and security…

Are you planning to order software development or outsource IT? Then you may have already encountered how difficult it is to choose a reliable supplier who fully meets your requirements.

It isn’t easy to find reliable suppliers who honestly do their job without the appropriate search tools. How do you choose a reliable supplier among others, so that it meets all the criteria?

At the moment, about 64% of companies worldwide outsource software development, and this share is expected to grow after the pandemic. Demand, as you know, creates supply: more and more outsourcing companies appear on the market. They…

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